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Coalition Letter: Strengthen Fiscal Controls

by Heather Higgins

The total federal debt exceeds $20 trillion. This fact alone ought to warrant universal outrage, but instead, many continue to put the national debt – and more significantly, the unsustainable spending that drives it – on the back burner.

Mention: New Tax Reform Plan includes Sen. Fischer's Paid Leave Plan

by Carrie Lukas

This bill will encourage more companies to give workers paid time off, which will make it easier for parents to take care of sick children, and workers to assist with aging parents as well as attend to their own health issues.

We need you, Friend! Re: Individual mandate & tax reform

by Hadley Heath Manning

Call your Congressman and tell them that repeal of the individual mandate is a must and should be included in the House tax reform plan too.

Coalition Letter: 20 Conservative Groups Support the Senate’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

by Heather Higgins

Congress has a rare opportunity this year to reform the broken federal tax code. We stand ready to work with you as the Senate Finance Committee continues moving through regular order starting with mark-up of the legislation this week.


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