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No apologies needed: White supremacists aren’t, and never were, part of the right • The Hill

by Heather Higgins

The left should stop pretending that racism is about left versus right. It’s not. Truly, it is about right versus wrong. Racism is wrong; violence is wrong; using either for political gain is wrong as well.

Brutal month ahead for the White House?

by Heather Madden

It is imperative that lawmakers make real progress when they return to Washington next month.

Coalition Letter: Stop the HIT and Medical Device Tax

by Heather Higgins

36 Conservative Groups and Activists: Congress Must Stop New Obamacare Taxes

ObamaCare catastrophe in Nevada

by Heather Madden

This law has been a disaster, and the American people are hurting because of it. The best way to jump-start repeal and replace of ObamaCare is for President Trump to end Congress' illegal exemption from the law.

Why Republicans should welcome continued attacks on President Trump • Coast To Coast

Issue with sanctuary cities is emblematic of larger concerns • Fox & Friends


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